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Google Maps Navigation and My Maps aren't exactly the most integrated features, so you may need to go back and edit your map a little.

How to Drop a Pin on Google Maps Mobile

Again, it depends on how intricate your map is and how tailored you want your directions to be to your liking compared to where Google wants to take you. Once you've tapped to open your map within the app, you'll see your route just the way it looked when you built it on a computer, complete with all your destination points. To start using Google Maps turn-by-tun navigation, simply tap the second destination point skipping the first one assuming that you're starting there, of course and then tap the blue car icon that appears in the bottom right corner to start your route.

Here's where you might notice Google Maps navigation take you off your route, and this is exactly why we went through adding additional destination points where there are no planned stops. If you find that Google Maps navigation plots a slightly different route than the one you built on your custom app, you may need to go back to edit it by adding more destination points even though you don't want to visit them so your route takes you exactly where you want it to take you.

Once you arrive at your first destination and are ready to leave after visiting, you can simply access your custom map again and tap the next destination to start turn-by-turn navigation. Do this for all subsequent destinations as you arrive at each one, and you can enjoy not having to waste time plotting your map as you go!

Share Pin Email. Elise Moreau is a digital marketer, web content writer and copywriter. She has covered web trends for Lifewire and previously About. Updated January 04, If you've ever tried to make this work in the Google Maps app alone, you've probably come across one or both of these major problems: You can't build a super intricate custom route directly within the Google Maps app. Google Maps is designed to get you where you want to go in as little time as possible, so if you spent some time on the desktop web dragging your route around different areas in a way that lets you hit up certain stops that are slightly out of the way or take another road because it's more familiar to you, the Google Maps app won't know and definitely won't care.

It wants to get you from one point to the next in the most efficient way possible. Your destinations are: Click name of your first destination after your starting point in the map builder.

iOS 12 Update On iPhone & Google Maps on Apple Car Play

In our example, it's the Rideau Canal Skateway. Click the arrow button to get directions to this location. A new layer will be added to your map builder with points A and B.


A will be a blank field whereas B will be your first destination. Type your starting location into field A.

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For our example, this is the CN Tower. It's easy, but you need to set up your mobile phone for internet and turn on GPS before you can use this function.


The following steps describe how you: Tap Search. Key in the required destination. Results matching what you key in are displayed.

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Tap Start. The navigation window with information about your route is displayed. The travel information at the bottom of the display shows your travel time, estimated time of arrival and distance to destination.

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Follow the verbal instructions or the instructions on the display to go to the selected destination. Well no, from an iOS developer prospective, there are two links that I know of that will open the Maps app on the iPhone. Other than that you'll need to use a URL scheme that basically beats the purpose because no android will know that protocol.

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Well, because safari is the build in browser made by apple and can detect the URL above. Chrome is "just another app" and must comply to the iOS Ecosystem. Therefor the only way for it to communicate with other apps is by using URL schemes. Based on the documentation the origin parameter is optional and it defaults to the user's location. Defaults to most relevant starting location, such as user location, if available. If none, the resulting map may provide a blank form to allow a user to enter the origin By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

How to create a link for all mobile devices that opens google maps with a route starting at the current location, destinating a given place? Ask Question. I can test on two devices beside browserstack , an Android and an iPhone.

Send a Custom Route on Google Maps to Your Phone for Your Road Trip

The following link works only on the Android: Clicking this link completely fails on Android: Solution found kinda Here is what I've come up with. It's not quite what I imagined, though it's working. Fenix Aoras 98 1 6. Alex Alex 7, 2 22 What server side language do you use?

How to Drop a Pin on Google Maps Mobile

You could solve this problem with user-agent sniffing. I know that I could, but I want to make that cross browser. Alex - How would you translate this to work on desktops? So that maps. Alex - I keep getting an error saying a the last line is undefined. I found that none of the answers really did a great job at detecting the platform not the browser so I found PgwBrowser , a jQuery plugin that detects platform eg.

With it, I can simply check the os.