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Two choices are then given for the Spanish and English equivalents. Before the time runs out, you have to select the correct answer. And it gets faster and faster every word, so you have to know your words really well to select the right answer quickly! Memrise is a very unique language learning app.

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There are different modules in the app, and many more lessons in each module. For each lesson, it generally consists of a Spanish word, its English meaning and an audio recording. Instead of just rote repetition, it helps you learn through funny ways of thinking about a word. In similar examples, you get ridiculously funny sentences that contain both the Spanish word and its meaning. This is a really creative way to learn words in a foreign language, with some pretty slick humor too.

Memrise is highly recommended for all who find it tedious to memorize new words. Cat Spanish Website iOS. A spin-off project by the same creators of Memrise, Cat Spanish is a Spanish app with a humorous slant: Generally, there are lessons that show a cat-themed picture, along with a Spanish phrase and its English translation. In addition, there are brief grammar lessons in between to let you understand the grammar component of the Spanish phrase you just learned. Another great feature about the Cat Spanish app is that you can add friends to the game. Fluencia is an online based platform that teaches Spanish through a highly visual method.

So instead of a lot of text, there are a lot of visual aids to guide the learning process.

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There are five levels for Fluencia, with 10 units per level. Not bad for 50 units of lessons, eh? Within each unit, there are various types of lessons covering a conversation, vocabulary, grammar, culture and communication. At times, there are conversations you can hear and follow along, there are also places where you have to type the translation of an English phrase, and there are places where you match the picture with the correct Spanish phrase. The platform itself is very intuitive and easy to use.

There are also lots of pictures and visual aids cleverly weaved into each lesson. One thing I thought was interesting is that Fluencia actually customizes its lessons. And because Fluencia is online instead of developed as an app , this Spanish app provides a great user experience for both iOS and Android devices. To me, Open Language has a really professional feel to the platform that sets it apart from many of the other apps.

Open Language Spanish is broken up into many courses. Here, you also see where the professional feel comes from — Open Language Spanish courses actually correspond to the 6 levels of the CEFR. So instead of promising to teach Spanish, it promises an equivalent proficiency from A1 — C2 of the CEFR, which is very useful for benchmarking your progress against an internationally accepted scale. Each lesson is centered around a dialogue between two hosts.

The two hosts repeat the Spanish dialogue several times, and interject English comments here and there to explain new Spanish terms.


After you listen to the audio recording, you can see the dialog transcript below, a summary of the vocabulary you cover, an expansion section for additional words and phrases, a grammar section covering one to two grammar points, and exercises to strengthen what you learned. Busuu Website iOS Android. Unlike many other Spanish apps, Busuu has a vibrant community of active users. Privacy Policy: Our mascot owl, Duo, is trading in his usual diet of mice for bugs this week.

For more Duolingo news, contests and product releases, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram duolingo. Its secret: Engaging mini-games test your reading, writing, and speaking skills, and joining a club where you can encourage and compete with others adds a great social element. I love this app so much! You can learn many different languages.

And you learn it very quickly as well. It is divided by topics. Each topic has several levels. Level zero teaches you everything in that topic and every level past that is basically just practice. The app will pronounce each word for you, have you pick the words from a word box, or type the answer. It will also say it to you for you to type what you heard, and even have you record you pronouncing some words or having a conversation. You can have streaks based on the amount of experience you learn each day.

You also earn gems for passing each level. You can use the gems to keep your streak or to buy health. If you get a certain number of questions wrong, you run out of health. You can buy it back with gems or earn it back by practicing your weak points. This is totally worth downloading if you want to learn another language.

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And to reflect on all of the one-star reviews, I disagree with the, and personally don't have these problems and neither have any of my friends and family that have used this app as well. I more specifically refer to the ones talking about it crashing on iPads. That must be a problem with the iPad because several people I know including me use this app on an iPad with no issues.

I use this app on my computer, iPad, and phone, and have no issues with any of them. I have to say that Duolingo has taken me to a new world of languages. I can spend my whole days practicing with Duo and increase my ability of using languages. However, there're still things that I'm not satisfied with this version for IOS: I've wait for them since a long long time ago. I believe that Duolingo is not only a software for learning languages, but also a special environment for everyone to enhance their skills together.

This means, you can use your Google Home device to translate conversations in real-time. Here's how to use interpreter mode.

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