Samsung galaxy note 3 background wallpapers

With the app set up the way you prefer, scroll back up and tap the image of the screen you want to edit.

Set Wallpaper - Samsung Galaxy Note® 3

You'll be able to navigate through your device and find the image you want to apply. Once your wallpapers are picked, If you tap and hold on the preview image, you can modify and crop the image. When that's done, tap the set number to add more profiles with different variations of home screen wallpapers. When you're all done setting up the wallpapers, head back to your home screen and start swiping.

Place your family members, sports teams, or whatever else you want as your wallpaper now that you can include more than one. Don't Miss!

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Choose whether to set the Home screen, Lock screen, or both Home and Lock screens. When you choose the Home and Lock Screens item, the image is set for both; otherwise, you can set different wallpaper images for the Home and lock screens. Use the Select Wallpaper From menu to choose an app or a source for the wallpaper.

How to Customize Your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Live Wallpapers - dummies

Live Wallpapers: Choose an animated or interactive wallpaper from a list. These are pretty much the same as the Gallery. Choose a wallpaper from a range of stunning images that come with the Galaxy Note. When you choose the Gallery option, you see a preview of the wallpaper, where you can select and crop part of the image.

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