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Another convenient feature is the ability to scan receipts and add information about your location. Become a professional in calculating tax deductions for driving expenses.

Stride Drive: Free Mileage Tracking App Review (Android)

Track everything: You can create your own log, which will indicate the points of your trips, expenses, various vehicles, all reports. It is possible to export files via PDF however, in the free version of the application, this function is provided in a limited mode. The application works in the background and is able to track all trips.

Mileage Tracker Review - 8 BEST Free Apps To Track Your Miles

Simplify your journey by taking advantage of the many functions of this application: When buying a paid version, you get an access to an unlimited number of trips in the free version, there are only 8 of them. Track your routes with Mileage Tracker. This user-friendly application permits you to see all the statistics of the most frequent trips: This application will help you keep money by saving all your travels and runs, saving fuel, finding the cheapest gas stations, as well as hospitals, police stations nearby, etc. The application saves all your expenses, and also takes into account statistics and calculates travel time.

You are able to send your mileage log along in with fuel receipts, or export and import all the information to Google Drive for later viewing. AutoCare allows you to monitor the costs of several cars at once: Another interesting feature — the account of urban and suburban mileage.

It is also possible to create reminders after a certain time or mileage. Track your mileage automatically along with the application Mileage Expense Log.

Mileage Tracker Review – 8 BEST Free Apps To Track Your Miles

The interface of the application is fairly simple, you must begin filling out the summary with the necessary information about the trip vehicle, destination, purpose, etc. There are tips for more competent filling. You can choose both automatic tracking and manual mode. Synchronize your data with iCloud or Dropbox, and even with Apple Watch. Fuelio is an application for keeping statistics of gasoline consumption, money spent and mileage traversed by a car. The application helps to track and save fuel costs. The gadget works by the fact that the user writes data: The interface is understandable for users, the statistics tables allow you to quickly learn the distance covered, understand the value of spent fuel, and in the case of cost allowances, reduce the number of trips.

By default, the received data is stored on the internal drive in the Fuelio application directory. Thus, the data will be accessible from any device, it will be enough to connect the SD card, or to enter the cloud server. A full list of functions: Excellent application for tracking your mileage. In addition, you can track the fuel, calculate all travel expenses for example, parking costs , track the mileage of the car and the difference between personal and business trips.

With this application, you can track your way both automatically and manually. A great application, amazing with its interface. Track the mileage of the car in automatic mode. The application Magical Miles will do everything for you. Located in Denver, Chad Davis has been writing about technology for more than 10 years. He is a technical writer for information technology and product development. Davis provides grant writing and marketing services to small businesses.


Skip to main content. Business Mileage Rate Each year in the United States the Internal Revenue Service issues an optional standard mileage rate used to calculate the allowable business deduction for operating a motor vehicle for business purposes. Calculation Android mobile devices can use global positioning satellites to pinpoint your exact location. Triggers Many mileage tracking apps include triggers which can be used to automatically start and stop distance logging. Log Management Once you've begun using an app to track your business mileage you'll most likely want to manage the gathered data.

References 3 Internal Revenue Service: App Spotlight: About the Author Located in Denver, Chad Davis has been writing about technology for more than 10 years. Accessed 20 February Davis, Chad. However, it did not make my top pick because its user interface was a bit laggy and the app is kind of packed with buttons and messages to upgrade to their premium product. It also used the 2nd most data in my test What to do if you forgot to track mileage last year. You can also use TripLog 2. Of all the mileage tracking apps available, TripLog is the best mileage tracking app for those who want to control WHEN it will start tracking your trips.

The app is a big upgrade from the previous version and it looks a lot better. They used the 2nd least amount of mobile data in my test and had minimal impact on my battery since I set it to only track my miles when my phone was plugged in AND I was moving more than 5mph. MileIQ allows you to track up to 40 trips for free per month.

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MileIQ was the least accurate It also used a lot of battery. I found this irritating because MileIQ literally had one job to do!

This is nice because I often stop to take a break and the automatic mileage tracking function ends up making it two trips. As a standalone mileage tracking app MileIQ should be able to display this! Especially if I can just get a free app that does it without any headache. QuickBooks Self-Employed may be known as a bookkeeping app but what is less known is that it also has a built-in automatic mileage tracker that is very good. In my test, the entire app used only 2. It also beat every app on accuracy and mobile data usage.

You can set QuickBooks Self-Employed to automatically track your mileage and then categorize each trip as business or personal. You can also increase its accuracy in the settings tab but it will suck up more battery. If you mix a lot of personal and business trips, the categorization feature will make tracking your business miles a lot easier.

At the end of the tax year, QuickBooks Self-Employed will also automatically compare your business miles with all of your actual expenses and recommend whichever deduction is greater between mileage and actual expenses. So for those in a nicer car with higher maintenance costs, this is a great way to compare the two without any additional effort. It does the best job of syncing with banks, monitoring expenses, and automating my bookkeeping as a driver. Essential gear every Uber driver should have. Everlance will allow you to track 30 trips a month for free.

It has excellent UI and allows you to track all your other expenses as well. You will want to remember to turn off Everlance when you are done driving though because I found that it tends to track almost any movement. Often when I opened the app on Android, it was already recording my movement even if I was sitting at home on my couch. The app also consistently drained my battery more than any other mileage tracking app. The result was that the app did not track my miles during my test and was thus excluded. That being said, after I reinstalled their app it tracked a few other trips very accurately but still continued to eat a lot of battery.

Rydar is primarily a driver tool to help Uber drivers monitor surge pricing, receive surge alerts, provide details on upcoming events, and help drivers find rides.